How it works

Author Interviews was born about 5 years ago as a passion project, since then it’s grown into a repository of incredible content from some world-class writers.

It’s free

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re an author. Well, let’s start the ball rolling with the big info: Getting featured on Author Interviews is completely free.

Running the site costs me money

Author Interviews is a simple site, but still requires domain and server costs to stay running every month. You can donate to server costs via my ko-fi page.

First Contact

You let me know of your existence and your desire to be interviewed, probably through the contact area of Author Interviews or via our Twitter (forever it shall be known).

Getting in touch with you

If you’re successful, I’ll drop you an email with instructions on how to provide me with:

  • Author information
  • Book information
  • Interview answers

This includes an author image, a book cover image and an optional workspace image to support the “What’s your setup” question. Author Interviews is built on the idea that the more content you provide, the more likely it is to be found by search engines, thus the more likely it is the audiences will find you.

The production

This is where it gets fun. I take your content and create an author and an associated work on Author Interviews. Then I create an interview with your answers and connect it all up. That’s where the magic comes in, single objects referenced in multiple locations.

All in all the process of creating the interviews on Author Interviews takes about 30-60 mins each. Sometimes longer if I’ve been given multiple books.

The queue

I’d love to just go live straight away, but as a rule the latest interview stays featured for at least a week or two before before pushing the next one.

Sharing is caring

Sharing is absolutely essential to the success of Author Interviews. If you’re featured, there is an expectation that in return for this zero cost service that you share your interview across your various social platforms. It helps the site stay organic and ad-free.

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