Marieke Lexmond
The Queen of Fairy by Marieke Lexmond

The Queen of Fairy by Marieke Lexmond

The Madigan Chronicles Series

What led you into writing?

In 2006 we moved from the Netherlands to the US. I didn’t have a work permit and wasn’t allowed to work. I went from full time employed – a workaholic – to having nothing to do. Not only did I have culture shock, but I was home all the time, not a good combination.
However, I started writing screenplays and there were a lot of stories floating around in my mind. Many courses and screenplays later, I finally tried my hand on writing a novel in 2018, and loved it!

How does a typical day look?

I don’t have a set routine, but I prefer to write the first draft of my novels in my holiday home in Ireland. That way I’m isolated and can stay in my world 24/7. Except for groceries and walking the dogs in an inspiring place, I mainly write or do related work every day, rarely a day go by that I don’t write. I’m not one of these people who sit behind their computer all day, as I get better ideas doing things. So when I do sit down, I write, generally 2-3 hours. My goals is an average of 1000 words each day. The actual time of day I write varies, that can be when I get up or in the afternoon somewhere.

In what ways do your characters test your abilities?

I think as a writer you are all the characters, or your characters are traits you are exploring. That means that you have to go to uncomfortable place in yourself sometimes.
I talk to my characters a lot when I’m writing, and I found out during Covid I do that out loud! Normally my husband is not home during the day, and in those days we were home together every day. He asked if I could say his name if the conversation was meant for him, LOL.

What’s your setup?

Marieke Lexmond's workspace

I write about witches, and as a witch myself, I’m surrounded by witchy things. For writing, I prefer a desk top computer over my laptop. I have a huge white board in my office on which I stick things that relate to my story. And as I’m not always in the same place, I carry a notebook around full of the most important details of my stories.

What lasting effects have your favourite authors had on your writing and style?

I’ve always loved Science Fiction and Fantasy, and that is the preferred genre for me to write in. I don’t have one favorite author, as there are so many fabulous books.
For writing style; it has taken me a very long time to be confident enough to say this is the way I write. I let myself be influenced by others, and that doesn’t work. Writing is a unique thing, and it’s different for every body. Learn from others, pick what works for you, and make it your own.

What do you do for inspiration?

Anything related to my world. It can be as simple as baking a cake, as one of my witches loves baking. But I also make spells, little art works with a set intention, that you can buy in my webstore. That puts me right into the right mindset. Witches are about nature, and being attuned to the flows around you. I love taking my dogs for a walk in a forest, or on a beach. It gives me time to work through problems in my stories, and talk to my characters.

The Queen of Fairy
“A funnel of ice, steam, and water erupts from the Cup of Plenty, one of the four elemental power objects. Mab can see it glimmering as the ice shards pummel her face. The tendrils extending from her fingers connect with it, pulling her up, making it unnecessary to worry too much about keeping her eyes open. With her senses heightened, she can feel the temptation of this exceptional object. The onslaught intensifies and, vaguely, she can make out a figure close to the Cup; that must be its guardian.”  More

What repeating themes do you find yourself pulling into your stories?

Family! I’m fascinated by family dynamics and that is something that is a central theme in The Madigan Chronicles. Another one is ‘Balance.” I believe that life is all about balance. There’s not only good or evil, or love and hate. Generally everybody has everything, you can be super kind all the time, but when someone like that gets angry, it’s often out of proportion. I like that, something to play with as an author.

How do you wind down?

What is that? Hahaha, I wrote the first draft of book 6 in the series and that is the last book, now I find myself at a loss sometimes. It turns out for many years the books are a constant in my mind. Always turning, and crunching the story lines, even when I’m between books. I can imagine when book 6 is finally done, it will actually be a little lonely in my head.

What sort of challenges do you regularly overcome while designing your world/setting?

I work best if I give myself some freedom to roam. When I build my world I have guidelines and ideas, but I do use things that fall out of my mind while writing and run with it, that’s the fun part!

What are you reading at the moment?

“Ultra-Processed People” from Chris van Tulleken. A non-fiction, as I’m busy with book 6 and when I’m writing I find it hard to read other fiction. I’m one of these people that gets lost in a book and only wants to keep on reading. I can’t afford to do that when I’m writing.

What’s the most useful advice you could give to an aspiring author?

Write the first draft and don’t sensor yourself. If you constantly correct things in your beginning stage you don’t get it done. And don’t be afraid to throw away parts if they don’t work. It’s never wasted time, as you have explored characters or a situation which always enriches your story in some way.

Tell us about the book you’re promoting.

“The Queen of Fairy,” is the fifth installment in the Madigan Chronicles.
First I would like to mention that my stories are for grown-ups.
The Madigans live in New Orleans, and are modern witches. They have a family business called “Under the Witches Hat,” in which you can hang out and have a magical cocktail, while in the back they sell spells or you can have your tarot cards read. It features heavily in this book as Ron Madigan, runs it, and he at last turns it into his own liking. But simultaneously unlocks a magical gift that is way more troublesome than he bargained for.
The Madigans are three generations of witches that guard a powerful object. In “The Dagger,” book 1, family secrets start to bubble up, and in book 5 there are consequences of those secrets that the next generation is forced to deal with. One of them is Ceri Madigan, a half-fairy, that has to fight for her survival. As the Queen of Fairy doesn’t like her very much.
While Bridget Madigan, struggles with her new responsibilities that she didn’t want, while trying to safe her relationship, with catastrophic consequences.
If you enjoy family dramas, witches, magic, and tarot cards, come along on the wild ride of the Madigans.

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Marieke Lexmond

Marieke Lexmond

Marieke Lexmond is a multi-award-winning author and a solitary witch who has lived around the globe. Storytelling has always been in her blood—as a girl she spent all of her allowance on books growing into the young woman earning a Master’s Degree from the Dutch Film Academy. Her long background in filmmaking circled her back to Los Angeles, but she can still be found writing in magical settings like the west coast of Ireland and New Orleans, places that inspire her work.

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The Queen of Fairy by Marieke Lexmond
In this action-packed fifth installment of the Madigan Chronicles, things are not what they seem. The family drama intensifies, and forces collide in an epic showdown in Fairy. The Madigans do everything they can to help the Guardian of the Cup of Plenty to restore the broken Cup. Their greatest challenge proves to be their malicious aunt and the Queen of Fairy, who have no intention of parting with their piece of the Cup so they can keep the power for themselves. Bridget feels the pressure of mounting responsibilities as she tries to protect her relationship with her boyfriend; Ceri must fight for her life in Fairy; and Ron, jealous of his sister's abilities, discovers a unique connection with Under the Witches Hat, which enables him to transform the family business to his liking. Still, he unlocks much more than he bargained for.

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