The Growing Season

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Now we have equality. Now we’ve outgrown our biology. Why risk natural birth when FullLife’s baby pouch offers freedom, choice, and safety guaranteed? Welcome to FullLife – a world where women are liberated and all can share the joy of childbearing. Holly’s whole family has been shaped by the benefits, but Eva doesn’t believe society has changed for the better and Piotr has uncovered a secret behind FullLife’s glossy facade. What separates them may just bring them together, as they search for the truth about FullLife and each face a truth of their own.

Press for The Growing Season

“The Growing Season poses a compelling what-if about the female body, technology and power.” ~ The Guardian (Full review:
“You know when you read the back of a book and your neck hairs go all tingly? This is one of them… an inventive tale that’ll leave you contemplating what the future holds.” ~ Stylist (Full Review:
“It is a world many women have dreamed of, one where pregnancy is no longer solely the responsibility of the female… Helen Sedgwick’s intriguing second novel after her acclaimed The Comet Seekers, looks at how such a scientific breakthrough impacts on society… An intriguing, eye-opening and potentially worrying glimpse into an alternative societal path.” ~ Scotland On Sunday (Full review:

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